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About Us

We produce perfume, body spray, deodorants, body mist  for VALOR brand.  OKUYUCULAR Cosmetic corporate headquarter is located in Turkey. 

We have a wide collection of top quality Eau de perfumes with refined and original scent notes.Top quality Eau de Perfumes with refined and original scent notes, created according to the best VALOR artistic perfumery tradition. 

Its products have a wide range of perfume over 175 fragrances types and all are assured to leave fresh and lasting scent. Perfumes which VALOR produces meet with the EU norms and they are in accordance with the cirruculum of IFRA (International Fragrance Assosiation). We have all certificates to produce high quality products.

With modern facilities of 10,000 square metres, our products, produced in accordance

Our major brand VALOR, were made from imported superior raw materials, prepared by a team of experts in French fragrance industry with advanced techniques, and supervised by French flavors & fragrances companies and research and development institutions. With a unique style of all kinds, they emphasize on the fashion pursuit of individuality and greatly meet people's different needs. Each product is refined to achieve perfect, which embodies the wisdom and painstaking effort of every member in our company.